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Why Wear Tights

- Men like tights - now we are getting somewhere! Men like looking at legs in tights. They like stroking your tights.

- The medical benefits of wearing tights include improved circulation, prevention/alleviation of varicose veins, protection against leg cramps and against strains and sprains when active, protection against cancer-causing UV in sunlight, protection against biting and stinging insects.

- Professional women, and those who care about their appearance and the impression they are creating, continue to wear hosiery, which finishes off an outfit elegantly.

- If you want to be in the height of fashion you have to admit the designers are including more and more fashion tights in their collections. It is the best addition to the rest of your outfit.

- If you buy good quality tights of the right size, you will find not only will they fit better but the is fabric more forgiving of minor mishaps, so the tights will last much longer. So much so that the cost per wearing may even be less than that of your cheap one-size multi packs. And the wearing experience will be beyond all comparison better.In addition to which, you need the right tights for your lifestyle. If you have a problem with tights lasting, you may need to try a heavier denier.

- Many women know that men prefer to see legs in hose. And those women see and enjoy the extra attention that they get when they are wearing. However there is a conspiracy among women to deny this very obvious fact. They discourage other women from wearing because they cannot be bothered to wear themselves, and do not want anyone else looking better in hose than they do without hose.



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Why wear tights
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