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TIM Bulgaria is a fashion hosiery company established in 1993. With our 15 years experience, we are continuing to meet the requirements of the fashionable women. New legwear technologies are giving us the opportunity to be dynamic and precise in the design of our tights fashion collections, provoked by the worlds hosiery fashion tendencies. (more about us)

The company's hosiery product range includes: Classic, Elastic and Fashion Pantyhose legwear, Footless Tights and Stockings for Woman and Children.

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Royal Fashion Footless TightsWhat is New:

- Men Tights - sheer and opaque pantyhose for men
- Men Leggings - opaque 90 den footless tights for men

- Luxury fashion tights 70 den - Patterned Tights with Spandex.
- Fashion Footless Fashion Tights - Royal is the latest addition to the hosiery world of Tim Legwear - Fashion Footless Tights with Spandex.

New Tights, Our Latest Hosiery Products

- Control Top Shaping Tights with Spandex and Slim body effect.
- Children Fashion Tights - Contessa with unique children fashion patterns.

The New Golden Collection

Products - TIM Legwear Tights and Stockings

We have developed a detailed catalog of all our products we currently manufacture in our main factory in Europe with detailed description and photos.

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LegsArt LogoHosiery Wholesale and Distribution for the USA

For business opportunities in the U.S.A., please contact –
LegsArt, LLC, a division of TIM, Ltd - more info here.

Hosiery Wholesalers and Distributors in Europe

In the European Union, we work with our partner and distributor SpiralFashion.com - a clothing, hosiery and underwear manufacturer, wholesaler and distributor of all TIM hosiery production - tights, leggings and stockings.

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