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Worldwide Hosiery Distributor and Wholesale

As the company grows, we are expanding on the international markets. Currently we are making exports for United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Malta. We have also produced quality hosiery products under other brand names in Europe.

As one of the leading legwear manufacturers, TIM Legwear offers premium quality and fast and reliable shipment of legwear manufacturers products. We sell hosiery worldwide from our main legwear manufacturer plant in Europe and distribute to North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia.

The legwear manufacturer TIM Legwear is about to introduce their fashion tights collections on the US market through some key local hosiery wholesalers and apparel distributors in the USA. We are looking for hosiery distributors and legwear wholesalers of tights and stockings nationwide.

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For legwear wholesale business opportunities in the U.S.A., please contact our hosiery distributor usa hosiery database –
LegsArt, LLC, a division of TIM, Ltd.
Email: info at LegsArt dot com

You can also contact us directly at Email: office at timlegwear dot com

LegsArt Logo TIM Bulgaria has signed a distributorship contract for the New York area with Monarch Styles to carry the TIM Legwear and LegsArt brands in The New York City and the New York State area.
Email: info at monarchstyles dot com

You can also contact us directly at: office at timlegwear dot com

Our main office is located 120km from the capital of Romania - Bucharest
in the town of Borovo, Bulgaria.


For further details on the hosiery distributor and legwear wholesale, please visit our Cooperation page, Contacts page or write to:
Email: office at timlegwear dot com


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Hosiery Online Stores - Tights and Legwear E-Stores

Our products are of great interest for the online stores. We are selling our products online on three continents and we are looking forward our future clients to make our fashionable articles available worldwide. Currently TIM Legwear is one of the leading legwear manufacturers and legwear wholesaler in Eastern Europe.

General Legwear Wholesaler for Bulgaria and the region:
Spiral Ltd. Bulgaria and Bodi-80 Ltd.
Email:office at timlegwear dot com

Tim Legwear in association with Spiral fashion wear Bulgaria are developing a new online store for all our customers and hosiery distributors worldwide looking for our new fashion collections.


For further details please visit our Cooperation page, Contacts page or write to:
Email: office at timlegwear dot com


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The Local Hosiery Wholesale Distribution Market of Tights and Stockings

We are one of the key hosiery and wholesale legwear manufacturers in Bulgaria and we have a hosiery distribution company to serve the region. Our major distributors are located in Plovdiv, Ruse, Varna, Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo. We have distribution points in Pleven, Vraca, Blagoevgrad, Silistra, Burgas, Lovech, Stara Zagora, Sliven, Pazardjik and Razgrad. We are continuously expanding our hosiery distribution network in other cities in the country. Tim legwear wholesale hosiery distributor distributes tights and stockings worldwide.


For further details on wholesalers hosiery please visit our Cooperation page, Contacts page or write to:
Email: office at timlegwear dot com


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