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Putting on Tights - How toStep 2 slipping overStep 1 rolling up

Here is a small topic on how to put tights safely, with care for the product.


Steps 1 and 2

Carefully roll up one leg of the tights after the other until you reach the toe section. Put your toes in and carefully slip the tights over your feet and ankles.







Steps 3 and 4Step 4 second leg

Step 3 streching
Slowly slip one leg of the tights after the other over your knees by stretching them gently up to your thighs. You need to stand up for the next step.












Step 6 completionStep 5 fitting gussetSteps 4 and 5

Hold the tights and pull them up to the crotch until the gusset fits perfectly. Avoid any irregular movements which may damage the tights. Then you slip the panty section over your hips up to the waist. Make sure you hold the panty section at the reinforced waist band and that the tights are not stretched excessively.








Source: mrpantyhose.net

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