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Как се произвеждат чорапогащите

Ето как се произвеждат съвременен чифт чорапогащи.

Процес на Плетене

The Lonati MachineThe modern day hose knitting machine has advanced throught the years to the point where every stitch can be changed by computer. Different yarns hangs above and is introduced into the hose according to the design of the hose.

The Machine CylinderThe yarn is being pulled into the hose. The knitting needles around the circumference of the hose spin and grab the yarn at a rate of 1000 to 2000rpm. Only one leg is made at a time with the toe and panty already attached along with the waistband section.


Samples of every style of hose is tested hourly to ensure the knitting process is within specified standards for sizing.

Depending on the yarn, the room's atmospere is controled to produce the proper characteristics of the style. A vacuum system runs to suck the hose downward as it is being stitched.

Процес на Шиене

Once the hose is knitted, it is approximately 1.5 meters long depending on the style and type of yarn. The next stage is the pressurized steaming oven. The hose is shrunk down to the proper length.

The two hose are placed onto the splitting/sewing machine. The panty is split down to the gusset and prepared to be connected to to make up a pair of pantyhose.

The seams are then sewn to make up the panty and a gusset is added later if the style calls for it.

The toes are stitched and trimmed.


Dyeing AutomatsOnce the stitching process is finished the hose is then placed into large washing machines to cleanse the hose. Softeners, Aroma flavours and dye are added to the machine.

The powered dye is proportion mixed by computer programed scales. The dye has to be exact mixture of colors to produce a shade that is required.






After the drying process the hose is then moved to the pressing room. The hose is placed in front of a light to check for snags or holes. The hose is pressed flat and folded into a tube sock shape.

Контрол на Качеството

Throughout the manufacturing process, quality checks are performed on the pantyhose. A statistical method is used for inspection.

Опаковане и доставка

The completed pair of pantyhose is then packed. Pantyhose that meet the inspection guidelines are packaged in a box or paperboard envelope, either manually or automatically. After they leave the manufacturing plant, the pantyhose are stored in warehouses and organized according to size, style, and color for efficient order-filling.


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